San Marino Christmas of Wonders

Natale a San MarinoFor next Christmas 2015 San Marino gives all the warmth of a celebration that brings together family and friends, offering many events and occasions that can warm the cold days of December. Here in San Marino Christmas is conceived to amaze and fascinate, to recreate a traditional as well as an innovative atmosphere, that can be the ideal setting for a holiday or a stop in the city, beautiful and modern at the same time.

The main event of this holiday season is “Christmas of Wonders 2015”, a multifaceted event where curiosity dominates the different itineraries and the various attractions of the city. This year the holiday season offers a plenty of events that fill the historic center of adults and children, fascinated by modern technologies and innovations as well as by the timeless charm of a city like San Marino. Since the opening days on 28th and 29th November, for the coming weekends until January 2016, Christmas of Wonders will astonish citizens and visitors with the lights of the five Christmas wonders: Images and visions, Craft and food, exhibitions and shows, junior wonders, winter sport games. Every theme is developed through itineraries, markets and crafts, exhibitions, performances, photographic competitions, climbing school, ice skating and much more to discover the five themes chosen for Christmas 2015.

“Christmas of Wonders 2015” hosts this year the “FestAniMusic” too, a series of events dedicated to the world of cartoons and animation, included in the programming of the events of each weekend, that will include shows dedicated to “Happy Birthday Toy Story”, laboratories “Cartoon Stars: cardboard stars on party”, a plenty of cartoons with “Cartoons under the tree” and the exhibition “Cartoon Stars”.

At the opening of “Christmas of Wonders 2015”, on the 28th November, the Titano Theatre in San Marino will host “The Zecchino d’Oro sings and enchants” with the Piccolo Coro “Mariele Ventre” of the Antoniano, with magic shows and puppets performances for the little ones.

Natale delle Meraviglie San MarinoBesides, a great gastronomic event, “Taste bubbles”, is ready to invade the streets and squares of the city from 5th to 8th December 2015, with many events including “The ancient flavors” of the group Historic Arts and Crafts of Montegiardino, the representation of the history of Garibaldi with the puppets of the Festival  ‘coming from the sea …’ and a laboratory for the extraction of fruit and vegetables set up at the Galleria Savings Bank.

On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December, the event will be more traditional and classic “Naturally Christmas”, an opportunity to listen to traditional Christmas songs of “The choir and songs of Saint Lucia” and enjoy entertainment and magic shows in the main square of San Marino.

From December 19th to 20th “Creating emotions” will fill the streets of songs, entertainment and shows dedicated to the traditional emotions that only a Christmas carol or the voice of a children choir can arouse.

Figures and images are combined with all the sensations offered by “Christmas of Wonders”, a journey through the five wonders chosen by the city of San Marino for Christmas 2015. The event “Narrative Images” can be considered a present, made of plays, cartoons for children, food contest and entertainment, that will fill the streets and main squares, together with classic Christmas celebrations, on 24-25-26-27 December of San Marino.

New Year’s party for the night between 31st December 2015 and 1st  January 2016. “Let’s Celebrate” will engage everyone in the big New Year’s party in Piazza Sant’Agata, with a concert of the Military Band of the Republic of San Marino and a toast with fruit cocktails for the little ones!

Once entered the new year the magic of the wonderful Christmas of San Marino are not to the end. From 2nd to 6th January, in fact, “Potions and Magical visions” will accompany with haunted potions and magic tricks the beginning of 2016, among stands dedicated to ancient tastes, entertainment and themed nights to close the program of the holidays with a magic Epiphany night.

Each event is accompanied by “Junior wonders”, specifically conceived and designed for children, to entertain, excite and educate, without boring them, through a variety of workshops, shows and games.

Natale Delle Meraviglie San Marino

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